The Sweetest Deals in Florida Homeowners Insurance

Compare real quotes. Find big savings.


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The Sweetest Deals in Florida Homeowners Insurance

Compare real quotes. Find big savings.


Watch the video

The simplest way to insure your home.

Real quotes in seconds,
no hidden fees.

We've built a fast and innovative rating engine that lets you compare multiple quotes in seconds and find the best deals. Watch how your rates are calculated in real time. No more estimates or surprise fees.

Fast and easy to use,
no paperwork.

Our app makes shopping for insurance easier than ever before. Just share some basic info, browse through your real-time quotes and snag the best offer - all 100% online. No endless paperwork here.

Your personal details,
safe and secure.

HoneyQuote is run by a full service insurance agency with real life agents. Unlike other insurance sites, we don't sell your personal information. Enterprise grade website security is ISO 27018 compliant to protect you.

How does it work?

Step 1: Enter your address

This allows our tool to pull your relevant property information and get you quotes right off the bat.

Step 2: Share some info

Let us find you discounts by answering some questions about your home and its features.

Step 3: Shop through offers

Compare quotes and then choose your favorite. You can also make adjustments to your coverages.

Step 4: Buy your policy

Just select your payment method. We'll handle the rest, including switching over any old policies.

See what all the buzz is about.


Here's what our customers have to say.

This was great. I loved the user experience. Super quick service and very easy to use. I found a better policy so fast and I'm so excited!
Isabel E.
HoneyQuote Policy Holder
This was great guys. Thank you Justin for guiding us through the process. We'll definitely recommend!
Michael F.
HoneyQuote Policy Holder
This is like my own online personal insurance agent. Very cool! Excited to see where this company goes.
Jennifer L.
HoneyQuote Policy Holder

Insure more than just the basics.

Animal Liability
Extend your coverage to the furry members of your family.
Sinkhole Coverage
Florida is prone to sinkholes. Protect your home from tragedy.
Flood Coverage
Don't be a rookie Floridian. Add flood protection easily.
Identity Theft
Florida ranks No. 2 in the U.S. for identity theft. Let's fix that.
Jewelry Coverage
Diamonds are forever, but with proper insurance coverage.
Mold Coverage
The humidity is real. Fight back against this silent threat.
Water Back Up
Backed up drains? We've got your back for water damage.
Earthquake Coverage
Weather is weird. Protect your home from more disasters.

... these and so much more.

Find the best deals, all year long.

We look after our policyholders and ensure they always have the best rate by continuously shopping for new quotes. If a sweeter deal comes up, we'll let you know.

Knowledge at your finger tips.

We're big on transparency, which is why we created an educational resource dedicated to helping you navigate the Florida insurance industry and make informed decisions.

Find the right coverage

One size doesn’t fit all. With us, you can choose the level of coverage that best matches your needs.
Instant switching
You don't have to wait until your current policy expires to get a better one. We help you switch quickly and easily.
Payment reminders
Never miss a payment again with our friendly reminders. Don't worry. We'll let you know with plenty of time in advance.
Help guides and articles
Confused? Don't be. Our helpful articles can help you better understand insurance and how rates are calculated.
Claims support
Our agents are always available to help, through the good times and the bad. Let us help you through the claims process.
Policy management
Get access to all of your important insurance documents by logging into your MyHive™ account. Manage your policy and make changes.
LiveChat with an agent
Chat directly with one of our licensed agents whenever, wherever. We're here to help and answer all of your questions.
Paperless policy
Avoid unnecessary clutter with the option to go paperless. Let's save the trees and promote a healthier planet.
Customize coverages
Make adjustments to your coverages easily. Our tool lets you increase or lower limits to create your perfect policy.
Extra coverages
Need special coverage? We've got your back. Shop through the extra insurances and add them on to your normal policy.

Insurtech nerds.

With a little technology and a lot of passion, we are on a mission to change the way Florida homeowners shop for their insurance polices. We're a team of innovators and thought leaders here to support a more transparent industry.

Zero salesmen.

Our in-house HoneyQuote™ licensed agents are free from any commission-based incentives and work directly for you, not the insurers. What drives us is helping more Floridians obtain the protection and peace of mind they deserve.

Questions and answers.

What is home insurance?
Home insurance is a type of property insurance that covers a private residence. A policy may include a combination of personal insurance protections, which can include losses occurring to your home, your certain possessions as well as liability.
How do you find these quotes?
HoneyQuote uses proprietary technology to calculate insurance rates. We’ve built an in-house rating engine that uses data from our insurance partners and allows us to provide you with accurate quotes. You won't see any estimates or surprise fees when using our tool. What you see is exactly what you get.
What type of insurance do you sell?
There are several types of property insurance that you can purchase with HoneyQuote. These include homeowners, condo, renters and landlord policies. You can easily add an extra policy to your account at anytime.
How long does the process take?
It takes only seconds for HoneyQuote to begin calculating your quotes, which starts from the moment you enter an address. We show you rates in real time. After reviewing your quotes, you can purchase your new policy right away, all 100% online.
What makes HoneyQuote different?
Our company is unique in that we are a full service insurance agency, and not a lead generator. We don't sell your personal information to third parties and we certainly don't give out phoney rates. HoneyQuote takes your privacy very seriously, and is committed to protecting you. No cold calls, no hassles, just love.
How much does this service cost?
Our services are 100% free for you to use. Our company earns commission from our insurance partners, allowing us to keep HoneyQuote free. As a note: our agents are not paid on a sales basis. Rather, they are rewarded for excellent customer service.